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Bill Gates-backed climate fund to invest $15 billion in clean tech - FT

• BEC has raised over $1.5 billion from businesses and charitable organizations • One of the primary goals of the fund is to reduce the "green premium" for products Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a pri...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-10 22:27:00
Harbor Custom Development, Inc. announces acceptance of bitcoin and 12 other digital currencies for its real estate

Picture credit: Benzinga Harbor Custom Development, Inc. (Nasdaq: HCDIZ) an innovative and market leading real estate company involved in all aspects of the land development cycle, today announced it ...

By  Hemanth On  2021-12-28 08:41:00
Toyota commits $70-billion investment, about half of it to shift into EVs by 2030

• Toyota aims to increase global sales of electric vehicles by 3.5 million units a year by 2030 • In the COP26 summit, the company declined to sign a pledge for electric vehicles by 2040 Japanese carm...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-15 00:14:00
COP26: Will nations coal phase down targets help meet global warming target?

• More than 40 countries pledge to shift away from coal including major coal-using nations such as Poland, Vietnam and Chile • Governments committed to end direct international public finance for unab...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-11-24 16:52:00
UK to require new homes to have EV charging points starting from 2022, PM Johnson says

• Adequate charging options will be crucial to reach the 2035 EV goal • Major economies and companies are investing in developing and rolling out low and zero emission vehicles at scale UK Prime Minis...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-23 01:46:00
The Mineral Hunt: Searching for the green in green tech development

• Development of green tech likely to intensify further the requirement of aluminum, cobalt, copper, lithium, and nickel • Carbon emissions likely from nearly 3-billion tons of minerals required by 20...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-11-22 21:54:00
COP26: Long way ahead for zero-emission vehicles despite national leaders’ pledge for EV push

• Over 30 national governments, including the UK, Canada, and India sign a zero-emission transport pledge • Abundant access to charging, starting at home, will be the key to adopting a 100% electric d...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-19 20:34:00
Final day of COP26 witnesses protest over lack of concrete action

• Protestors claimed that the summit was falling far short of what is necessary to combat climate change • COP26 "is an illusion constructed to save the capitalist economy rooted in resource extractio...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-11-13 02:33:00
COP26: New cover decision draft published, calls for less action on emissions

• The document will be negotiated by 197 nations to get a final agreement before the summit ends. • The seven-page draft lacks specifics on future payments from affluent nations.   • The draft uses we...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-11-12 17:00:00
'Weak terms' in COP26 draft document could raise temperatures by 2.4°C

• COP26 draft document has gaping holes concerning finances and lacks concrete terms, which need to be addressed to ensure the Climate Summit is not a failure • Climate Action Tracker (CAT) indicated ...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-11-11 23:11:00
UN chief Guterres says global warming goal on 'life support'

• The UN chief said it is a "climate emergency" and supported the young climate activists • Guterres praised the agreement between the U.S. and China United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-11 22:15:00
US, China come together to deal with climate challenges

• China said it would begin phasing out its coal consumption from 2026-30 • China pledged to cut its methane emissions as well With only two days left of the COP26 climate summit, a surprise deal was ...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-11-11 21:03:00
Saudi Arabia minister says battle against climate change should not shun any particular energy source

Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister at the COP26 climate summit on Wednesday said that global efforts to combat climate change should not shun any particular energy source.  The statement comes in during t...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-11-11 16:11:00
Climate change draft remains mum on finances and technique

• The draft hasn't enhanced the climate financing budget • It has called for phasing out subsidies for fossil fuel for the first time The draft placed by the COP26 Presidency hasn't enhanced the clima...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-11-11 01:39:00
COP26: 50 countries pledge to create climate-resilient health systems

• Low-carbon healthcare is an approach for building and operating health facilities that generate minimal amounts of greenhouse gases • WHO says 85% countries have a designated focal point responsible...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-10 20:51:00
Global warming would rise to 2.4C due to inefficiency of COP26 pledges

• CAT said pledges made at COP26 are not enough to meet the UN  target for 2100 • CAT asked governments to reconsider their climate targets Global warming would rise to 2.4 degrees Celsius this centur...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-11-10 20:07:00
Boris Johnson to return in final days of COP26 summit to urge negotiators

• Boris Johnson encouraged countries to "pull out all the stops" in the final days of the summit.  • UK government stated that by 2040, all new heavy commercial vehicles in the country will be zero-em...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-11-10 16:15:00
COP26: UN climate agency releases draft of COP26 cover decision

• The document will be negotiated by 200 nations to get a final agreement before the summit ends. • The seven-page draft focuses on funding, effects of climate change, and adaptation.  The United Nati...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-11-10 14:30:00
Obama cites Greta Thunberg in COP26 speech, acknowledges frustration

• "Folks in my generation have not done enough to deal with a potentially cataclysmic problem that you now stand to inherit." • Last Friday, climate activist Greta Thunberg, called the COP26 Summit a ...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-11-09 22:28:00
COP26: Obama hits out at China and Russia for ‘lack of urgency’

• Scientists are saying top polluters like China, India, and Russia are moving far slowly on fighting climate change than what is needed • Nations have not signed deals to cut emissions by 2030 yet Fo...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-09 20:33:00
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