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‘The pandemic will not end’, says WHO

• WHO dismissed the rumours that suggested that omicron is the last variant • WHO warned against relaxing public health measures and stressed the need to  strengthen them to control the spread of infe...

By  Yashasvini On  2022-01-19 02:37:00
Fourth Pfizer COVID-19 shot less effective on Omicron, Israeli trial suggests

• Preliminary data found the second booster did increase antibodies • Those with fourth shot only slightly less likely to get Omicron A fourth shot of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer Inc (...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-18 02:47:00
Biogen slumps after Medicare proposes to limit coverage of Alzheimer’s drug

• Medicare won't pay for Adulhelm until it sees positive results from a government-approved trial • The decision could result in an insignificant amount of sales for the drug in 2022 and 2023 Biogen I...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-12 22:02:00
Meta delays workplace reopening, mandates Covid-19 booster shot for office workers

• The reopening date for employees who choose to work from the office has been pushed back to March 28 • Employees are required to provide proof of a booster dose in order to use office premises Faceb...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-11 17:05:00
Citigroup to enforce 'no-jab, no-job' mandate starting Jan 14 - Bloomberg

• Wall Street banks are aggressive about vaccine mandates • 90% of Citigroup's staff have complied with the rule for U.S. workers, and the number is continuously rising Citigroup Inc will be the first...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-08 00:24:00
Moderna CEO Bancel warns people may need fourth booster in fall of '22

• "I would expect that it's not going to hold great," Bancel said, regarding boosters efficacy • A random mutation could change the course of the pandemic again, Bancel warned Moderna Inc CEO Stephane...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-07 22:20:00
FDA authorizes Pfizer's COVID-19 booster dose for children ages 12 to 15

• FDA shortened the time between the second Pfizer dose and the booster shot to five months, down from six months • New COVID-19 infections have hit a pandemic high in the U.S. as the highly contagiou...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-04 02:37:00
FDA authorizes Merck's COVID-19 oral pill, second at-home treatment to brace omicron

• Merck's oral antiviral pill has an efficacy rate of 30% against COVID-19 • U.S. has agreed to purchase about 3.1 million molnupiravir courses for $2.2 billion U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-23 23:13:00
Pfizer oral COVID-19 pill gets FDA authorization, first oral drug for at-home use

•  FDA's authorized Paxlovid for patients of 12 years of age and older, weighing at least 88 pounds, with mild to moderate COVID-19 who are expected to be hospitalized or not survive • Pfizer raised i...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-23 02:13:00
Gates warns US may be entering worst part of pandemic as daily COVID-19 deaths scale 1,000

Microsoft co-founder expects this wave to last three months Last week US averaged above 148,000 new cases daily Bill Gates says the United States could be entering "the worst part of the pandemic" and...

By  Prathapan Bhaskaran On  2021-12-22 23:43:00
Biden delivers Omicron plan, says fully vaccinated people can safely celebrate the holiday

• Fully vaccinated people who have gotten booster shot have a significant level of protection from the virus • Biden administration would provide half-billion free at-home test kits to Americans Presi...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-12-22 17:30:00
Omicron is now prevalent coronavirus strain in US, accounting for 73% of cases

• CDC said that Omicron has surpassed the Delta version of the coronavirus in the U.S. • Pacific Northwest, South, and portions of the Midwest, already account for more than 90% of new infections The ...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-12-21 16:40:00
Oracle to acquire Cerner for $28.3 billion in push for healthcare sector

• U.S. healthcare topped $3.8 trillion last year • Oracle expects the deal to close in 2022, and it will be the biggest ever after the PeopleSoft acquisition in 2004 Enterprise software developer Orac...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-21 01:18:00
WHO warns against treating Omicron lightly, expects severe cases

• WHO cautioned against treating Omicron as a mild disease • "If a system is overburdened, then people will die," said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO's COVID-19 technical lead The World Health Organisation (...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-12-16 02:11:00
California reimposes indoor mask mandate as Omicron variant spreads

• The state imposes a mask mandate beginning from Wednesday to January 15 • Case rates in California have increased by 47 percent since Thanksgiving California will once again compel citizens to wear ...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-12-14 18:08:00
Pfizer and BioNTech lab study claim booster shot can neutralize Omicron strain

• Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech are developing an Omicron-specific vaccination, aim to have ready by March • Third dose boosted antibodies 25-fold in neutralizing the Omicron strain Pfizer Inc. and BioNTec...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-12-08 19:32:00
COVID-19 oral pills show promise, but will it be a game changer?

• The oral antiviral pills to treat COVID-19 is anticipated to be a game-changers • It is expected to provide medical benefits along with psychological benefits, as it has the potential to bring the s...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-04 02:53:00
WHO member nations vote to start drafting plan to deal with future pandemics

• The goal of the World Health Assembly is to vote on an international agreement in 2024 • Nations still disagree on the need for a legally binding treaty World Health Organization member countries vo...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-01 22:04:00
Omicron coronavirus variant: All your questions answered

COVID-19 variant Omicron is spreading fast around the world. More countries are announcing the arrival of the new variant every day. Travel restrictions around the globe threaten to return to the leve...

By  Prathapan Bhaskaran On  2021-11-30 19:03:00
Pfizer's COVID-19 oral pill to be effective against omicron variant, CEO tells CNBC

• Pfizer CEO Bourla said he has a "very high level of confidence" that the company's COVID-19 oral pill is effective against the omicron variant • Bourla said Pfizer has already started work on a new ...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-11-30 02:00:00
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