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Bitcoin price drops lowest in five months; Ether plunges 9 % in last 24 hours

• The total cryptocurrency market lost $147 billion in the last 24 hours • Bitcoin values have dropped roughly 40% from their all-time high The world's largest cryptocurrency fell to $38,838.04, a 7.5...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-21 15:30:00
Twitter rolls out new profile picture feature for NFT owners

• NFT users can now put up their collectibles as Twitter profile pictures without having to worry about duplicity • Twitter will collaborate with Coinbase Global Inc. and Ozone Networks Inc., to suppo...

By  Yashasvini On  2022-01-21 00:18:00
Andreessen Horowitz to raise $4.5B new investments in crypto: FT

• Andreessen plans to finalize the new funds by March • The new fundraising exercise will surpass the $2.2 billion it, raised in June 2021 for its Crypto Fund III Venture capital firm Andreessen Horow...

By  Yashasvini On  2022-01-20 22:06:00
Sotheby accepts crypto payments for its 555 carat Black Diamond

• Sotheby's says it expects to fetch between $4.1 million and $6.8 million • In case of a cryptocurrency payment, the transaction will be processed by Coinbase Commerce British auction house, Sotheby,...

By  Yashasvini On  2022-01-18 00:20:00
Binance partners with Thailand's Gulf Energy Development to establish crypto exchange

• Gulf Energy's subsidiary Gulf Innova to jointly study avenues for the development of digital asset exchange • The Company foresees rapid growth in digital infrastructure in Thailand  Binance, one of...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-17 21:01:00
Dogecoin jumps 18% after Musk tweets Tesla merchs 'buyable' with the cryptocurrency

• Only three merchandise, including a belt buckle, a whistle, and an all-terrain vehicle for kids, are buyable with Dogecoin • There are several terms and conditions for paying with Dogecoin, includin...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-14 21:29:00
Seba CEO believes Bitcoin could rally to $75000 in 2022

• Swiss bank Seba's CEO believes Bitcoin‘s price could rise between $50,000 to $75,000 • "I'm quite confident we are going to see that level," he told CNBC Bitcoin's price could rise to $75,000, accor...

By  Yashasvini On  2022-01-12 23:49:00
Bitcoin briefly drops below $40,000, lowest since September as investors shed risk

• Ether dropped 7% to as low as $2,950 • Crypto-related stocks turns red as the sell-off continues Bitcoin fell nearly 7% at one point Monday to its lowest in over five months, tumbling under the $40,...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-11 00:42:00
Bitcoin tumbles 40% from all-time high, falls to three months low

• The world's largest cryptocurrency falls to $40,938, the lowest level since September 29 • Ethereum down 2.3 % and Solana down 4.7 % Bitcoin fell to a three-month low late Thursday as the fed mentio...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-07 17:40:00
GameStop to develop NFT and Cryptocurrency Marketplace: WSJ

• The company has recruited more than 20 people to oversee the NFT and crypto space • Shares of the gaming retailer were up over 18 % in premarket on Friday Video game retailer GameStop Corp is develo...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-07 16:00:00
Crypto crime hits record high of $14 billion in 2021, mostly due to DeFi scams and thefts

• In 2021, around $2.7 billion cryptocurrencies were stolen, and $7.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency were scammed • Illegal activity accounted for 0.15% of all blockchain transactions in 2021, down 7...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-06 22:02:00
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies decline as the Fed confirms interest rate hikes

• Bitcoin prices declined about 7% in the last 24 hours, dropping to $42,503.88 • Ether plummeted nearly 10% to $3,452.58 Bitcoin prices plummeted today after the Federal Reserve released the minutes'...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2022-01-06 16:33:00
Goldman Sachs says Bitcoin could reach $100k, compete with gold as 'store of value'

• Goldman Sachs expects Bitcoin to take more market share from gold • Bitcoin topped the firm's 2021 return scorecard with over 60% yearly returns, whereas gold is at the bottom with a 4% yearly loss ...

By  Arghyadeep On  2022-01-05 22:35:00
Crypto exchange Binance signs deal with DWTC

• Binance signed a deal with Dubai World Trade Centre Authority to assist the development of virtual asset regulations in Dubai • DWTC said it aims to become a crypto zone and regulator of cryptocurre...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-12-22 02:35:00
MicroStrategy plans to lend out its Bitcoin holdings to generate yield

• CEO Michael Saylor discussed the plans on an investor day call • MicroStrategy's junk bonds are trading around 100 cents on the dollar Enterprise software solution provider MicroStrategy Inc is look...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-18 02:30:00
Misplaced decimal sells Bored Ape NFT for $3000 instead of $300,000

• A non-fungible token (NFT) trader listed his NFT for 0.75 ether instead of 75 ether • Bored Ape number 3,547 was immediately bought by a trader who subsequently listed it for $248,000 A non-fungible...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-12-14 22:43:00
Dogecoin surges over 20% after Musk says Tesla to accept it as payment for merch

• Musk has often called Dogecoin his favorite digital coin earlier in the year • Tesla CEO said he "doubts that crypto will replace fiat currency" The meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin jumped more...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-14 21:17:00
Meta's WhatsApp launches crypto payments pilot through Novi wallet in US

• Users can send and receive Pax Dollars (USDP), a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar, through Whatsapp • There will be no fees associated with transferring or holding, or withdrawing USDP through N...

By  Arghyadeep On  2021-12-09 21:44:00
MicroStrategy took advantage of the crypto sell-off to add 1,434 bitcoin to its stash in the last week

--MicroStrategy acquired 1,434 bitcoins between November 29 and December 8. at an average price of about $57,477. --The company now holds a total of 122,478 bitcoins, with an average purchase price of...

By  Kathi On  2021-12-09 11:48:00
Bitcoin Below the $50K Mark: Terra (LUNA) Now Top 10 After 11% Spike

--While bitcoin and most alternative coins continue to struggle, Terra went on a tear once more and entered the top 10 largest digital assets. Bitcoin keeps struggling with the $50,000 mark as the ass...

By  Kathi On  2021-12-09 09:05:00
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