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Natural Health Trends announces closing of investigation by the SEC

Picture credit : Dreamstime HONG KONG – October 1, 2021 – Natural Health Trends Corp. (NASDAQ: NHTC), a leading direct-selling and e-commerce company that markets premium quality personal care, wellne...

By  Divya On  2021-10-01 19:11:00
JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes provides an update on the northeast alliance and action by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

JetBlue [JBLU] CEO Robin Hayes today issued the following message to the airline's 20,000 crewmembers: Dear Crewmembers, COVID-19 has thrown unimaginable challenges at us, and we've worked together to...

By  Reshma On  2021-09-22 12:52:00
Twitter announces proposed settlement of consolidated class action Lawsuit

SAN FRANCISCO — SEPT. 20, 2021 — Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)today announced that it has entered into a binding agreement to settle the consolidated class action lawsuit commenced in 2016 in the United ...

By  Pavankumar On  2021-09-20 20:20:00
U.S. Treasury to introduce sanctions to curb ransomware attacks: WSJ

In the recent past, the surging number of ransomware attacks at dozens of government agencies, Florida's water supply, the Colonial Pipeline, JBS Meat Suppliers, and software services provider Kaseya,...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-09-17 23:33:00
DoorDash sues New York City over new customer data sharing law

DoorDash filed a lawsuit against New York City on Wednesday over a new law requiring delivery companies to share more customer data with restaurants. Earlier this summer, the City Council approved a b...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-09-16 03:29:00
Uber loses Dutch court battle over employment rights case

  Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, and so have more workers' rights under local labor rules, a Dutch court said on Monday. According to a statement issued by the Amsterdam civil court, thr...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-09-13 23:00:00
WhatsApp fined $266 million by Ireland for breaching privacy laws

WhatsApp was fined 225 million euros ($266 million) on Thursday by the Irish data regulator for breaching the company's privacy policy. WhatsApp said it will appeal against the fine as it was "entirel...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-09-03 00:50:00
ARM China former CEO takes control; launches own company

The former CEO of ARM China, Allen Wu has reportedly taken control of the company and attempting to launch his own company called Alphatecture. Wu is accused of using his position at ARM China to laun...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-09-02 01:44:00
Google appeals against 500 million euro fine by French watchdog

Google is appealing against a 500 million euro ($591 million) fine imposed by France's antitrust watchdog in July, the tech company said on Wednesday. The watchdog fined Google over dispute with news ...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-09-01 23:27:00
Jury selections begin in Elizabeth Holmes’ trial

Jury selections for the trial of former billionaire, founder, and former CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes have begun. Holmes has been accused of duping doctors and patients and defrauding investors o...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-08-31 03:40:00
Businesses step up to assist Afghan refugees to resettle in the U.S.

As Afghans scramble to get into U.S. military and coalition planes and evade the wrath of the Taliban's rule, businesses are stepping up to provide aid to the refugees. Airbnb, Verizon, Walmart, and T...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-08-28 02:30:00
21-year-old hacked T-Mobile’s systems to gain attention, says “Their security is awful”

Wall Street Journal reported that the hacker broke into T-Mobile US Inc.'s systems said the wireless company's lax security eased his path into a cache of records with personal details on more than 50...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-08-27 02:34:00
Airbnb to provide free temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees

Airbnb and, its philanthropic arm said on Tuesday that the business planned to offer free temporary housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees worldwide. The cost of which is covered by contributio...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-08-24 20:56:00
Ackman plans to return funds to his $4 billion SPAC’s investors

Billionaire hedge-fund investor Bill Ackman is planning to return funds to the investors of his $4 billion blank-check company as it faced several setbacks since its launch last year. Last week, a law...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-08-21 02:29:00
T-Mobile increases tally of hacked accounts to 53 million, includes former customers

T-Mobile US Inc has updated the tally of the number of people whose data had been compromised in cyber-attack from 40 million to 53 million.  In its latest update, T-Mobile revealed it had identified ...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-08-21 02:20:00
Nvidia’s acquisition of chip-designer ARM faces heat by UK regulator

Nvidia Corp's planned acquisition of British chip designer ARM will take longer than expected as the deal faced a major hurdle on Friday after a UK regulator announced a further lengthy investigation....

By  Shubhangi On  2021-08-21 00:27:00
Bankruptcy judge signs off Boy Scout's $850 million sex abuse settlement deal

The U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein overseeing the Boy Scouts of America agreed to the organization's request to sign off on an $850 million deal to address sex abuse allegations The d...

By  Ishika Dangayach On  2021-08-20 02:20:00
T-Mobile admits that data of 40 million users compromised

 T-Mobile US Inc revealed on Wednesday that the data of 40 million people had been compromised in the cyber-attack that occurred earlier this week. The stolen data included first and last names, birth...

By  Yashasvini On  2021-08-18 22:19:00
Tech giants to continue ban on Taliban after its rise in Afghanistan

Facebook and TikTok said on Tuesday they will continue the ban on content promoting Taliban after the group took control of Afghanistan. CNBC reported that Facebook said a team of content moderators a...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-08-17 23:42:00
Ford to ask Patent Office to rescind ‘Cruise’ trademark from GM

Ford Motor Co said on Friday it will ask the U.S. Patent Office to take back the trademarks obtained by General Motors Co for the terms "Cruise" and "Super Cruise." This comes after GM sued Ford for u...

By  Shubhangi On  2021-08-17 00:51:00
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