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Date Filed : Jul 03, 2018

X0708 D LIVE 0001743469 Celebrity Financial, Inc. 5093 DRONNINGENS GADE SUITE 1 ST. THOMAS VI VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 00802 3146403300 VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. None None Corporation true 2018 David Lee Robnett 210 Lavaca Street Suite 1806 Austin TX TEXAS 78701 Executive Officer Director Other Banking and Financial Services No Revenues 06c false true false true true Yes. Celebrity Financial Inc. is the parent holding company that the securities are being offered in. Celebrity Financial, Inc. has entered into a purchase agreement for the purchase of Midwest Equity Mortgage, LLC based in Oak Brook, IL. 50000 None / Not Applicable None None None 5093 Dronningens Gade Suite 1 St. Thomas VI VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S. 00802 AZ ARIZONA CA CALIFORNIA CO COLORADO FL FLORIDA IL ILLINOIS KS KANSAS MD MARYLAND MI MICHIGAN MO MISSOURI MT MONTANA NV NEVADA NJ NEW JERSEY NM NEW MEXICO OR OREGON PA PENNSYLVANIA TX TEXAS UT UTAH VA VIRGINIA WA WASHINGTON false 10000000 0 10000000 Offering circular is for a capital raise of a minimum of $6,000,000 and a maximum of $10,000,000 false 0 0 0 No sales commissions or finders fees are anticipated to be paid to anyone. All funds raised by the organizer, David Robnett, with zero commissions paid. 0 No payments to be made to any of the officers, directors, or promoters in response to Item 3 above. false Celebrity Financial, Inc. David Robnett David Robnett CEO 2018-07-03
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