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Date Filed : Dec 20, 2019

X0306 4 2019-12-18 0 0001019671 SEACHANGE INTERNATIONAL INC SEAC 0001671976 TUDER JEFFREY C/O SEACHANGE INTERNATIONAL, INC. 50 NAGOG PARK ACTON MA 01720 1 0 0 1 Vice Chairman of the Board Common Stock 2019-12-18 4 A 0 58140 0.00 A 238351 D The securities awarded on December 18, 2019 are in the form of restricted stock units (RSUs) issued pursuant to the Issuer's Second Amended and Restated Compensation and Incentive Plan that entitles the reporting person to receive one (1) share of common stock per RSU. The RSUs will vest at the rate of 50% on the first and second anniversary of December 18, 2019, or upon a change in control of the Issuer. The reporting person has elected to defer issuance of the shares underlying the RSU award until the earlier of the reporting person's departure from the Issuer's board of directors or a change in control of the Issuer. /s/ Jeffrey Tuder 2019-12-20
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