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Germany orders Facebook to halt user’s data collection

By Shubhangi on May 12, 2021 | 04:32 AM IST


Germany has ordered Facebook to stop collecting user’s data from Whatsapp as a regulator claimed that collection of information is not legal under the messaging-app’s new privacy policy.

As per Whatsapp’s new privacy policy, Facebook (Whatsapp’s parent company) would have access to user’s data from the messaging-app.

Bloomberg reported that Johannes Caspar, head of Hamburg’s privacy authority, had issued a three-month emergency ban under which Facebook would be restricted to collect user’s data. Caspar also said that he has asked data regulators from European Union to issue ruling across the 27-nation bloc.

“The order aims to secure the rights and freedoms of millions of users which are agreeing to the terms Germany-wide. We need to prevent damage and disadvantages linked to such a black-box-procedure.” Caspar said in a statement, Bloomberg reported.

The new WhatsApp terms enabling the data scoop are invalid because they are intransparent, inconsistent and overly broad, he said.

On the other hand, Facebook said that Caspar’s claims are “wrong” and the country’s order would not delay the implementation of the privacy policy.

The regulator’s action is “based on a fundamental misunderstanding” of the update’s purpose and effect, the company said in an emailed statement, Bloomberg reported.

The tech giant has faced criticism globally over its new privacy policy which the users have to agree to by May 15. The move would help Facebook’s advertising business.

(With inputs from Bloomberg)

Picture Credits: Bloomberg

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