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Saudi Arabia minister says battle against climate change should not shun any particular energy source

By Ishika Dangayach on Nov 11, 2021 | 04:31 AM IST


Saudi Arabia's Energy Minister at the COP26 climate summit on Wednesday said that global efforts to combat climate change should not shun any particular energy source. 

The statement comes in during the final days of discussion at the Glasgow climate conference where significant pledges are taken to combat climate change by world leaders to reduce fossil fuel usage

“It is imperative that we recognize the diversity of climate solutions, and the importance of emissions reduction as stipulated in the Paris Agreement, without any bias towards or against any particular source of energy,” said Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al-Saud at the summit.

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 He added that negotiators should be “conscious of the special circumstances of the Less Developed Countries”, some of which have been resisting calls for aggressive moves away from fossil fuels because of the economic costs.

“We should work together to help these countries mitigate the impact of climate change policies, without compromising their sustainable development,” Energy Minister said.

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Saudi Arabia, along with Russia and the United States, is one of the world's top oil producers.

Moreover, Boris Johnson met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on the kingdom's climate promises and the need for "progress in negotiations" at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

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According to news reports, Johnson appreciated the Middle Eastern country's resolve to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060 but emphasized finalizing the outstanding components of the Paris rulebook.

Meanwhile, The United Nations climate agency released the first draft of the policy document on Wednesday that will be presented at the conclusion of the COP26 conference. 

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In addition, for the first-time draft appeals governments to phase out coal and fossil fuel subsidies. 

Source: Reuters

Picture Credits: Arab News 

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